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Hotel chains will know well that one aspect that guests invariably scrutinise is the cleanliness of their rooms and amenities. It’s especially true that hygiene is not a luxury, but a necessity which is why the best hotel managers strive to meet and exceed their guests’ expectations. For the most successful hotels in Australia, outsourcing cleaning to businesses like SCS Group is becoming standard practice. At SCS Group, we offer tailor cleaning solutions for hotels to align with unique needs and demands. Learn what sets us apart from the rest and why we have long-lasting professional relationships with our clients.


What’s different about our hotel cleaning services?

Commercial cleaning best practice:

At SCS Group, we take pride in delivering industry best practices tailored to the specific needs of each operating environment. With over a decade of industry knowledge, we have developed innovative cleaning processes, utilising fit-for-purpose equipment to enhance cost efficiencies and contribute to environmental sustainability. We are always ahead of the curve, keeping up to date with the latest practices and technology. We quickly adapt too, as we did with the Covid era, quickly responding to regulations to ensure the safety of guests and the peace of mind for our clients.

Transparent & innovative cleaning solutions:

We believe that offering transparency leads to higher productivity and ultimately, a better service. SCS Group offers an online portal to connect hoteliers with account managers and also see the workflow of our cleaning operation. Real-time work allocation, asset optimisation, and evidence-based reporting contribute to a seamless and efficient experience to further increase the amount of time hoteliers can use for other things that matter.

Smooth transition & induction process:

Recognising the significance of a smooth transition, SCS Group ensures meticulous attention to detail during the onboarding process. With the Contract Manager at the helm and support from the Contract Sponsor, the transition is not just a phase but a commitment to delivering the ultimate customer service experience.


What our clients have to say about our hotel cleaning services:

When hotels chains choose SCS Group, they enter into a genuine work relationship. We emphasise trust and open communication so that both parties remain productive and satisfied. Our clients, that include Crowne Plaza, R Geelong, and QT Hotels, have highlighted their positive experiences with SCS Group’s team of experts, praising our commitment to quality standards, account management professionalism, and a passionate approach to service. Here is some feedback we have received:

Lee-Anne Lawrence, Venue Manager at Finsbury Hotel, attests, “I am very happy with the cleaning standards here. I would be happy to recommend SCS Group.”

Kate Meave, Assistant Manager at Royal Exchange Hotel Traralgon, acknowledges the professionalism of the account management team, stating, “Their account management team is very professional and understands if we have any issues which is very rare lately as the cleaning has been pretty good!”

Bruce McAleer, Collective Hotel Manager at R Hotel Geelong, expresses gratitude for a group that treats properties as their own, emphasising, “Through many years of experience working in outsourced environments, it is refreshing to work with a group that treats the properties as their own, and not just another cleaning contract.”

Enquire about SCS Group’s hotel cleaning services

We hope that the testimonials from our partners demonstrates our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. If you are a hotelier or hotel manager, we would love to meet you and talk through how we can elevate your housekeeping and cleanliness. Contact us today for a free quote and join us in making your accommodation exceed your guests’ expectations.

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