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Innovation & Technology

SCS Group is embracing a broad range of platforms and cutting edge technology to deliver an un-paralleled experience incorporating the newest and the latest Innovations to enhance your customer journey.

Innovation that matters

Our proprietary Smart Connect system allows us to track, monitor and report in real-time. By confirming identity, location, timing and task completion, Smart Connect gives us an unprecedented level of control and immediate notice if a service is not on track.

Digital Contract and site information

Online Binders (folders) brings together all the information that is relevant to your Sites. This includes specifications, contracts, SDS’s etc. all available for download whenever you require.

Accounting Dashboard

All of your accounting profile, invoices, statements, credit notes, purchase orders and real time reporting are available at the click of a button all live and available when you want them.

Time and attendance Management

Our time and attendance software solution confirm our employees are on-site and on time. We have constant communication and up to date alerts and notifications so we can address attendance issues like tardiness or absenteeism immediately to ensure we cover all shifts and job sites according to our customer contracts. We manage attendance, set travel-time parameters and clock in/out tolerances, so you don’t have to ever miss out on what you pay for!

We provide this information transparently via our secure customer portal.

Spend Tracking and Online Billing

As a fully integrated part of the Smart Connect solution clients can view the status of their account in real-time. Aged Debtors can be viewed for all outstanding invoices. Invoices can be downloaded at any time.

Robotic Lionsbot

Intelligent Robots can now clean hard floor services unassisted while also acting as your concierge assistant answering various questions and providing key facility specific information and or directions.

I-mop Technology

The I-Mop is revolutionising the process of mopping hard floors and creating enormous time and efficiency savings. It allows you to cover a far greater area in a shorter timeframe whilst also significantly reducing mopping related injuries to back and muscles.

Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning

Clean up to 20 metres high of external windows without leaving the safety of the ground. Gone is the need for ladders, elevated booms and potential Safety OH & S Risks and Incidents.

Drone High Level Window Cleaning

Taking all the risk out of your high level external window cleaning programme. No more anchor points and pully systems down the outside of the building needed. Allow Innovation to complete the job safely.

Self Propelled Outdoor Vacuum Cleaner

You simply walk and this incredibly intelligent machine just follows your lead sucking up your every command.

Driverless Auto Scrubber

Map the route and allow this exceptional machine to go about maintaining those large hard floor surfaces while you attend to other tasks.