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SCS Group Quality Policy

The SCS Group is committed to achieving high quality standards in developing, and selling specialist cleaning services to our customers.

Our Quality Policy

We will actively set out to:

  • Provide services Right First Time, to deliver them On Time and to achieve complete Customer Satisfaction.
  • Understand our Customers current and future Quality Objectives for the services we supply. Our logo is a symbol of Quality.
  • Provide the resources to develop our Management Systems, the skills of all SCS Group employees and our equipment capabilities so that we meet or exceed these Customer Quality Objectives based on the principal of “Right First Time”
  • Involve all of our people in the Quality Process, since they control our performance. We will do this by leadership, communication and motivation, training and empowerment in Quality matters.
  • Involve our suppliers of goods and services in the process by working with them to establish, achieve and monitor agreed Quality Objectives.
  • Comply with all relevant legal and regulative requirements.
  • Ensure this Policy is communicated, understood and applied within the organization.
  • Is available to relevant interested parties as appropriate.
  • Our Customers Quality Objectives are our Quality Objectives.

This Policy will be underpinned by a commitment both to our established ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Systems and a continuous improvement in Operational and Management Procedures in the light of best practice.

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