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Proudly 100% Australian Owned & Operated

We are creating a culture based on family values through positive relationships, understanding, respect and providing a motivated and supportive work environment for our people, customers and partners to thrive in.

"Proudly Australian-Owned: Empowering Growth and Strengthening Communities

Local jobs for residents in you community

SCS Group embraces the local communities and environments that we provide services in. We always aim to source our service personal from the immediate area as the local people in your community represent the most engaged and reliable resource to service your premises.


We always look for opportunities to support local events and charities ensuring where possible so that an investment can be made back into the very community that we operate in.

SCS Group Community
Embracing Diversity

Promoting Inclusion and Diversity

We are committed to promoting employee engagement and growth, cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce, upholding labour and human rights laws, providing a safe and secure work environment, and maintaining wage compliance by fairly compensating our employees. We remain committed to employing colleagues from our rich and diverse local cultural communities.

Australian Born Diversity Breed

A core principle of our employment policy is to employ local people for local jobs drawing on the rich pool of diversity within our local communities to engage professional, motivated and committed local cleaners in Adelaide, Melbourne, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmania. This business practice is one that we have always believed best ensures that local personal not only derive an income from but are invested in and care about the wellbeing of their local community, both socially and economically.
100% Australian

Embracing diversity, promoting Equity, and fostering inclusion.


We celebrate the unique qualities and backgrounds that each team member brings to our company. By embracing diversity, we enrich our perspectives, enhance creativity, and encourage innovation.


We promote equitable practices in hiring, promotions, and decision-making, fostering an environment where merit is valued and rewarded.


We promote open dialogue, active listening, and respect for diverse opinions. By encouraging collaboration and teamwork, we create space for all voices to be heard and valued.

Nilanka Dharmasena National Human Resources Manager at SCS Group Australia