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Creating positive & Motivated environments so our people & customers thrive

You are only a click away from a cleaner workplace now you’ve found The SCS Group. It’s now more important then ever to keep your workplace clean and sanitised. Your search for a professional and compliant commercial cleaning service provider with a National footprint is over. Contact The SCS Group now and we’ll arrange for one of our customer relationship experts to make contact to personalise a cleaning solution that meets both your needs and budget.

Looking for a professional commercial cleaning service that Really CARES who can service one or all of your locations Nationwide?

Aged Care Cleaning

To find out more about our Aged Care Cleaning Services, click here

Commercial Cleaning

To find out more about our Commercial Cleaning Services, click here

Stadium, Complexes & Events Cleaning

To find out more about our Stadium, Complex & Events Cleaning Services, click here

Health & Fitness Cleaning

To find out more about our Health & Fitness Cleaning Services, click here

Government & Council Cleaning

To find out more about our Government & Council Cleaning Services, click here

Industrial Cleaning

To find out more about our Industrial Cleaning Services, click here

Medical Cleaning

To find out more about our Medical Cleaning Services, click here

Transport & Logistic Cleaning

To find out more about our Transport & Logistics Cleaning Services, click here

House Keeping & Accom Cleaning

To find out more about our House Keeping & Accommodation Cleaning Services, click here

Retail Cleaning

To find out more about our Retail Cleaning Services, click here

Hospitality & Restaurant Cleaning

To find out more about our Hospitality & Fast Food Cleaning Services, click here

Education, School & Child Care Cleaning

To find out more about our Education, School & Child Care Cleaning Services, click here

Many of our clients are trusted National Brands


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Our 'EPIC' Values

  • We live by our entrepreneurial spirit, taking risks and learning from them; continually push the envelope and deliver innovation that matters.
  • We show up every day motivated to make a difference in people’s lives and our world through our talents, passion, and hard work.
  • We lead by example, act with integrityvalue and respect other people, and bring our best selves to work every day.
  • We work in collaboration with our clients, partners, and each other to drive smart solutions.
Epic Values Company and SCS Group: A Vision of Professionalism and Collaboration

A leading commercial cleaning and soft services supplier in Australia focused on consistency, transparency and well communicated outcomes

At SCS Group, we take Quality Customer Service, Safety, and Environmental standards very seriously. We have designed all our metrics and key performance indicators around outcomes in these areas, which ensures we deliver exceptional cleaning results that exceed our client's expectations.

Safety and Environmental Excellence

Environmental Certified System

We believe that by using eco-friendly cleaning standards, we can not only provide exceptional commercial cleaning services, but also do our part to protect the environment.

Security and Quality Assurance

Quality Certified System

Our commitment with high-quality standards are end to end. By upholding the highest standards in everything that we do, we can warrantee to our final customer a high-level customer service experience.

SCS Group QCSE Safety Certified System

Safety Certified System

We understand that commercial cleaning can be a hazardous job, which is why we take precaution to ensure the safety of our cleaning professionals and our clients.

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