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We are a smart team

We have built a high-performing culture with people-centric leadership that is focused on raising industry standards, driving sustainable operational improvements, employee engagement, service quality and customer experience.

We are smarter together. Let's meet the Senior Executive team!

Nicholas Pastras

MD – Managing Director

Nicholas is a passionate, innovative and strong leader thats built and continues to expand from his humble beginnings as a suburban Melbourne cleaning business into a Multi national, respected and trusted organisation; with offices in all major capital cities engaging over 3000+ workforce across Australia.

Glyn Davies

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Glyn is a values-based, experienced and trusted CEO with a record of success throughout his career. He has led the development, growth and delivery of multi-faceted customer focused businesses in the community, health, private, non for profit and Local government sectors.

Tony Phan

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

Tony Phan joined the business in 2022 as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as a senior executive responsible for managing the company’s financial operations and strategies.

Liam Mckie

CIO – Chief Information Officer

Liam has spent the last 14 years consolidating his general all round skillset within Business, Operational Management & Information and Technology. Development Space. Given his broad knowledge base, he is a true all-rounder within the organisation..

Terry Melhuish

General Manager of Sales

Terry is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in Construction, Manufacturing, Mining, Insurance, Facilities Management and Disaster Recovery industries. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Operations Management, Team Building, and Management. He is a strong Sales and Business Development professional who graduated from Australian Institute of Management. Terry's main passion is supporting his National team and clients.

Adam Browning

National Operations Manager

Adam joined the business in 2014 as a key support role to a steadily growing Account management team. Adam has held major roles within smart including State Operations Manager in both Victoria & Queensland. Adam is a great example of someone starting more entry level and growing his skill set within the business to now head Operations Nationally. Adams greatest strengths is his focus on timely outcomes for all clients while coaching and supporting his National Operations team.

Tony Joyce

National Sales Manager

Tony Joyce is a seasoned conventional sales executive with over 25 years of retail and commercial client-facing experience. He joined the SCS group in 2011 to help develop the business; a radical departure from his State Lending Manager role in the banking sector. He has since grown with the business into leading the National Sales focus from the front. His ability to listen and develop tailored outcomes for our clients is 2nd to none.

Edgar Ruiz

Head of National Tenders

Edgar has been in the cleaning and property services industry for more than 35 years. Having started his own business in Australia from 1980 until 1992, Ed was then contracted to work in the USA as Manager of Commercial Development and Operations Director, to then International Developer in North, Central and South America. We are very lucky to have a person with his skill set and broad knowledge on the Team.