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Commercial Cleaning Services in Sydney

Here at SCS Group, we proudly offer professional cleaning and property services in Sydney and across New South Wales. We aim to become Australia’s premier smart cleaning and property solutions provider, and our processes reflect this. Through the use of sustainable methodology and techniques, alongside our ‘smart’ approach – your needs will be met both efficiently and effectively, that’s our promise to you.

What can you expect from our Sydney commercial cleaning service?

Every SCS Group customer has a dedicated account manager. It’s their sole responsibility to ensure all of your cleaning and maintenance needs are met. Here at SCS Group, we value building long-term relationships with our clients.

We utilise a combination of relationships, reporting and technology to provide a completely transparent and compliant customer-centric cleaning service that can be relied upon. Our account managers create genuine, two-way, open communication.

When you work with us, we respect and appreciate your decision to engage with SCS Group, and as a result, we’re committed to providing excellent professional commercial cleaning services. Our team of highly experienced cleaners are here to ensure you have clean and hygienic commercial spaces.

At SCS Group, we leverage technology to make cleaning and maintenance easy for our customers. When you work with us, you have full access to our digital portal. Here, you’ll have access to a live account dashboard with real-time tracking and reporting. From our portal, you will be able to find all your contract and site information, process service requests, manage online billing, and verify time and attendance.

In addition to our customer portal, we also use state-of-the-art equipment, including i-mop driverless scrubbers, as well as electrostatic sanitising & autonomous UV-C disinfecting.

SCS Group has 3000 staff members providing integrated commercial cleaning services across Australia. In addition to our dedicated account management and support team, our experienced cleaners are here to support your business and take genuine pride in ensuring your business always presents at its best.

We invest in our processes and our people. We ensure all staff receive ongoing training tailored to the needs of our clients. We also have a continuous quality improvement framework that is underpinned by our triple ISO accreditations for QMS ISO, EMS ISO and OH&S ISO.

At SCS Group, we are proud to offer our leading commercial cleaning services in Sydney. With over 15 years of expertise in the Australian cleaning industry, we have developed a sustainable methodology to provide our customers with holistic cleaning solutions. We specialise in a range of commercial cleaning services in New South Wales.

Retail and Office Cleaning

We are proud to have served more than 350 retail sites across the nation and also meet the needs of a range of commercial and mid-size office locations. Our extensive client list features some of Sydney’s biggest retailers and office spaces.

Every retail and office space is different which is why we develop customised cleaning plans for every client. We understand that importance of keeping office and retail spaces clean which is why we also offer ad-hoc cleaning solutions to support general day-to-day cleaning.

School and Childcare Cleaning

SCS Group is proud to have worked with over 500 sites in the education sector across Australia. In New South Wales, we have teamed up with childcare, after school centres, schools, colleges, and universities. Our goal is to provide a safe and hygienic environment for students and staff. 

School facilitators specialise in teaching vital skills for the next generation; and we specialise in ensuring the cleanliness of teaching spaces. Our qualified team is ready to be your trusted school cleaners in Sydney. 

Aged Care Cleaning

Like many other countries, Australia is an ageing population which is why cleanliness in the aged care sector has never been more important. With a retention rate of 98.5%, we believe that our services stand out as the best aged care cleaning services in Sydney.

With extensive experience in the aged care sector, we leverage the newest technology, cleaning techniques and products to ensure the wellbeing of residents.

Hospitality and Restaurant Cleaning

We have been a pivotal part of hospitality cleaning in Sydney, providing cleaning services to restaurants, pubs, clubs, and food chains. In working with some of the biggest brands in the industry, we have become highly experienced in valuing and understanding the needs of our customers.

We understand the variety of spaces and equipment in the hospitality industry which is why you can trust our team to effectively clean your hospitality space without interrupting operations. Our team has vast experience in tackling the challenges of the hospitality industry.

We provide commercial cleaning services for a range of industries in Australia

Aged Care Cleaning

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Government & Council Cleaning

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Industrial Cleaning

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Commercial Cleaning

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Medical Cleaning

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Transport & Logistic Cleaning

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Stadium, Complexes & Events Cleaning

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House Keeping & Accommodation Cleaning

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Retail Cleaning

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Health & Fitness Cleaning

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Hospitality & Fast Food Cleaning

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Education, School & Child Care Cleaning

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The commercial cleaning services that we provide enable SCS Group to have a social impact across Sydney and New South Wales

We’ve hit a strike with Tenpin Bowling Australia

The Tenpin Bowling Australia and its outstanding community programs are proud partners of SCS Group. We think that sports have the ability to strengthen a sense of community, and we hope that this relationship will help us spread that belief throughout the country. It is an honor to sponsor initiatives like Bowl Patrol, which provide inclusive opportunities for all Australians while also introducing the younger generation to the joys of bowling.

Learn more about how we support Tenpin Bowling Australia

SCS Group proudly supports our veterans with Melbourne Legacy

We are focused on making a positive impact within the community, and we are proud to support the incredible work that Melbourne Legacy does to honor and support the families of our veterans.

SCS Group was able to take part in and sponsor this yearly sporting event, which opened up new avenues for promoting disability sports in Victoria and having a beneficial impact on our community.

Meet Our NSW State Manager

Rui Macarico

State Operations Manager NSW

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