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Commercial Cleaning Services in Sydney

Here at SCS Group, we proudly offer professional cleaning and property services in Sydney and across New South Wales. We aim to become Australia’s premier smart cleaning and property solutions provider, and our processes reflect this. Through the use of sustainable methodology and techniques, alongside our ‘smart’ approach – your needs will be met both efficiently and effectively, that’s our promise to you.

Get commercial cleaning in Sydney for your business

Aged Care Cleaning

To find out more about our Aged Care Cleaning Services, click here

Commercial Cleaning

To find out more about our Commercial Cleaning Services, click here

Stadium, Complexes & Events Cleaning

To find out more about our Stadium, Complex & Events Cleaning Services, click here

Health & Fitness Cleaning

To find out more about our Health & Fitness Cleaning Services, click here

Government & Council Cleaning

To find out more about our Government & Council Cleaning Services, click here

Industrial Cleaning

To find out more about our Industrial Cleaning Services, click here

Medical Cleaning

To find out more about our Medical Cleaning Services, click here

Transport & Logistic Cleaning

To find out more about our Transport & Logistics Cleaning Services, click here

House Keeping & Accom Cleaning

To find out more about our House Keeping & Accommodation Cleaning Services, click here

Retail Cleaning

To find out more about our Retail Cleaning Services, click here

Hospitality & Fast Food Cleaning

To find out more about our Hospitality & Fast Food Cleaning Services, click here

Education, School & Child Care Cleaning

To find out more about our Education, School & Child Care Cleaning Services, click here

Commercial cleaning “Periodical Services” made easier for our clients total care programs.


Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning services can be customised to meet your specific needs, whether you need a one-off clean or a regular programmed window cleaning service.

Strip and Sealing

Our strip and sealing service goes above and beyond. We use a multi-purpose process that includes stripping away old layers of polish, cleaning & neutralising the floor thoroughly, an then applying a 3-5 layers of polish which is then buffed to make that shine pop..

Impact / Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning & impact cleans services are designed to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants that simply build up despite regular programmed cleaning techniques. The end result brings these spaces within your business back to looking like new.

Steam Cleaning

Our Steam Cleaning services cover all manner or hard and soft surfaces. From your carpets & rugs through to your upholstery and window furnishings, tiles and grout, and more. Don't walk past those stains any longer. Call us today to book in a time to have them removed.


We offer both one-off and programmed floor scrubbing services. Despite day to day mopping, most hard floors build up dirt and grit over time and need a good scrub to remove the layers of buildup that can't be removed by normal mopping elbow grease.

Builders Cleaning

We understand the very nature of getting the build done and handed over to the client. Our builders cleaning services are designed to remove debris, dust, and other contaminants, ensuring that the new tenant and or occupier simply has to move in an occupy the space and or set up and start trading.

General Cleaning

We understand that every business has different cleaning needs & budgets. Our General Cleaning Services are designed to keep your business clean and always presenting at their best. Our services are tailored to your specific requirements around scope and service frequency.

Consumable Cleaning Supplies

Given our National infrastructure, we have an enormous buying power and have relationships with all the relevant suppliers of chemicals, equipment, toiletry products, paper products, waste and hygiene supplies. Allow us to save you some money while also managing the stock levels for your locations,

Pressure Washing Cleaning

Our commercial pressure washing service can provide a one-off or programmed solution to keeping those external walkways and paths, corridors & steps always looking and presenting like new. From portable small jobs to large truck mount services, we have the solution for you.

Meet Our NSW State Manager

Rui Macarico

State Operations Manager NSW

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