Our complete, scalable and smart solutions are designed to support you across the customer journey.

Your trusted, smart cleaning partner

Our smarter approach to service delivery ensures our solutions complement our client’s day to day operation. Our cleaning services include commercial cleaning, event cleaning, housekeeping, commercial kitchen deep cleaning, window cleaning and washroom services to name a few.


Window Cleaning

One of our core services, with our team of window cleaning specialist working across a variety of sectors. Our specialist equipment and system provide streak-free windows utilising safe and sound cleaning methods.

Steam Cleaning

Whether you want to restore the look of your carpet, eliminate unpleasant odours, or remove unhealthy allergens and dust mites from deep within your carpet, our steam cleaning services can produce the right results. We use a high-temperature steam extraction process that minimises drying times and enables you to walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning.

Hard Floor Rejuvenation

Timber Refresh includes a deep clean and our refresh polyurethane coating to bring dull, tired floors back to life. You will not believe your eyes when you see the results.

  • Bring back your floor’s original sheen
  • Amazing results at a fraction of the cost of sanding
  • Replace your furniture in a matter of hours
  • No harmful sanding dust

Graffiti Removal

Our graffiti cleaning professionals use eco-friendly products and leave no remanence or shadow of the graffiti on any surface from which it is being removed.

Covid-19 Preventative and Response Services

With the current Coronavirus outbreak affecting the entire country, SCS Cleaning has taken special efforts to help tackle the potential outbreak and reduce its impact. With our decades of cleaning expertise and specially trained staff, we can offer specialist cleaning and decontamination services to disinfect sites and help prevent any risk of infection.

Housekeeping Services

We have extensive experience in providing hotel housekeeping cleaning services to hotels, motels and taverns Australia wide. We currently provide hotel housekeeping cleaning services to over 250 hotel venues every day. Contact us to secure your quote and to see what we can do for your facility.

Consumable Supplies

Through our strategic alliance network of consumable supply partners, we can source and provide all your business needs; order consumables online at your convenience or build them into the service agreement. We generally guarantee same-day delivery metro and 24-48 hour rural with Australia wide coverage.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

As grime builds up on your stone or tile surfaces, they can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. Regular vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing are often not enough to completely clean your tile, grout and stone areas. That is why we recommend getting your tiles, grout and stone surfaces professionally cleaned at least once every 12 months to keep your surfaces looking as good as new as well as removing any harmful bacteria.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

We offer a full range of professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning technicians are regularly trained on various new products and techniques for cleaning so that they can make sure that they can always exceed expectations when it comes to results. Whether it is a tough food spot on the carpet, a regular rug cleaning or an old stubborn stain on the sofa, we have you covered and ensure that they are left protected from future staining.

Pressure Washing

We offer technologically advanced pressure cleaning services, which are suitable for most outdoor types of surfaces. The method we employ is environmentally friendly and efficient, as only the use of water and high pressure is incorporated in the process. The result is shiny outdoor hard floors, walls and pathways. We can make any other washable external surfaces that come to mind perfectly clean and contamination-free.

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

We offer both one-off cleans or ongoing commercial kitchen cleaning programmes Nationally.

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Our smarter approach to service delivery starts with understanding our clients’ objectives, approach to risk and security strategy. Some of our security services include event security, mining and resources access control and concierge and reception services.


Protective Security

We lead the industry in the deployment of physical security services nationally.  Our senior management team have implemented security solutions to Blue Chip and ASX Listed Companies for over 20 years.

Services include:

  • Security Officers
  • Event Personnel
  • Mobile Patrols


Our R&D, Technology and Innovation underpin our ability to provide customers with a digital platform that supports all aspects of their physical security layer.  From our UAV (Remote Air Wing) operations to smart detection, debugging and biometric scanning, SCS Group Security are innovators and pioneers in technological service delivery of:

  • UAV (Remote Air Wing)
  • Smart Detection
  • Debugging
  • Biometric Scanning


Special Services

We provide enhanced protection for high-profile individuals, venues, and events. Our team of experienced security professionals work closely with each client to understand the provisions and design bespoke deployment plans that address a range of threats from active shooter incidents to unauthorised intrusions.

Major Events

Governing all aspects of your security overlay, SCS Group employs an industry-leading Major Events management and operations team who delivers world’s best event experience and innovation.

Our solution includes the provision of:

  • Event Security Officers
  • Customer Service Officers
  • Ushers
  • Security Auditors
  • Consultancy and Governance
  • Equipment supply and maintenance

Mining & Resources

From mine lease access control to rescue and emergency response, our mining & resources solutions support a culture of safety that focuses on both the measures and practices that guide your site operations, as well as the attitudes and behaviours of your staff and contractors.

Services include:

  • Access Control
  • Rescue
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Emergency Response




Concierge and Reception Services

Each aspect of our service ensures the highest levels of customer satisfaction and it is designed and built to meet the precise requirements of each customer; from your company ethos, brand identity and corporate culture.  By working closely with you as our client, our professional concierge security team becomes the ambassador of your organisation.

Our Services:

  • Reception & Front of House Management
  • Concierge Services
  • Corporate Help-desk

Loss Prevention

We partner with you to become an extension of your loss prevention team. We are able to design and implement strategies that assist in minimising theft and loss, ultimately protecting your bottom line.

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