Waste Management Services

We have developed an excellent understanding of our clients’ waste needs and continually demonstrate the ability to solve complicated and unique waste management issues. We aim to divert as much waste from landfill as possible, using our network of specialist waste processing partners.

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Your challenges - Our solutions

Your challenge is our challenge and finding the solution and reducing any business footprints and costs is a big part of that challenge that we provide. Coupled this with our exceptional service and innovations, you have the best provider at your beck and call.


General Waste and Recycling

Businesses can divert more waste from landfill and improve sustainability rates with tailored general waste and recycling management.

Medical / Bio Hazard Waste

Safe and compliant disposal of biohazard waste in accordance with Australian Standards. Suitable for any waste arising from a suspected or confirmed infection (including COVID-19) at your premises.

Emergency response delivery and collection of multiple bin sizes available.

Cardboard and Paper Recycling

Making commingled recycling work for you
There are five types of items that can be placed in the commingled recycling bin:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Glass

Items accepted in the commingled waste bin may differ across Australia as they are dependent on the capability of the local facility.

Plastic and Polystyrene

SCS Group offers a dedicated packaging waste collection service, which includes soft plastics, that allows customers to recycle polystyrene by bagging it and putting it in their packaging waste bin.

Removing expanded polystyrene and Styrofoam packing material from your general waste bin can also help lower your landfill levy and improve your business’ recycling rates.

Secure Document Destruction

Our secure document destruction service collects and disposes of any items containing confidential data, financial information, business records and contracts to avoid breach of data and identity theft. All confidential papers, records, contracts, tenders, files or printed materials will be securely collected, shredded and recycled.

Liquid Waste

SCS Group provides professional liquid waste management services throughout the whole of Australia including septic tank cleaning, sewage disposal, leachate collection and many more. We deliver industry accredited, professional liquid waste removal and disposal at the most competitive rates.

Hazardous Regulated Waste

SCS Group makes sure that the disposal of hazardous waste is regulated so you can track its progress throughout the chain of custody. We have electronic systems in place that monitor where your waste is going for convenient tracking and reporting. We are independently certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001 (Quality), AS/NZS ISO 14001 (Environment) and AS/NZS 4801 (OHS) standards.

Waste Oil

SCS Group can manage the collection and disposal of your liquid waste effectively and safely. We have specialised experience and knowledge of liquid waste removal for Australian businesses. Waste oil, prescribed waste, grease traps, and triple interceptor waste can all be routinely managed by the experienced team at Nationwide Waste and centrally invoiced along with other services that we provide.

Organic Waste

We believe that organic waste should be banned from disposal to landfill. We also support the widespread development of dedicated organic waste treatment facilities, SCS Group provides a range of solutions to facilitate a large reduction in waste to landfill by correct disposal of organic waste

E-Waste Recycling

Not only can SCS Group destroy your data storage devices, we can also collect and recycle the remaining materials of non-secure electronic equipment such as monitors, keyboards, mice, cables and telephones. We are able to destroy and break down these products to ensure that as much of them as possible is recycled and diverted from landfill.

The process of e-waste recycling recovers base metals such as copper, aluminium and steel from your destroyed electronic products. These materials can be reused in their raw form so that they don’t end up in landfill where they can pollute the natural environment. E-waste recycling can prevent up to 98% of your electrical products from causing potential damage and harm to the environment.

General Construction Waste Removal

Our experienced team and versatile waste removal trucks mean we are able to assist with construction rubbish removal no matter the site or location. SCS Group makes sure that we relay all the rubbish and materials to the correct facilities for treatment, disposal, reuse or to be recycled to adhere to regulation and reduce our customer’s environmental impact.

Spill Kits

Spill Kits are an essential part of any workplace in Australia that uses or stores fuels, oils, non-aggressive liquids and chemicals. SCS Group assures you of environmental compliance and assist your company in meeting its duty of care to your staff.

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Latest Waste Technology

Advances in collection and recycling automation, data and reporting, and specialised waste management technologies are key factors that are driving the smart management of waste today. We take a look at some of the most recent innovations that are making a difference across the material recovery chain from collection and processing to recovery. Logistics software, in-vehicle monitors, camera and mobile apps like Clean View, provides extraordinary insights into collection events, like missed or broken bins and contamination. Sensors and bin weights are also critical to the way customers track their waste volumes to optimise services and work towards sustainability targets.


Ultrasonic Trash Can Sensor


SCS Group’s – Ultrasonic Trash Can Sensor  (UTCS) that lets you know how full your waste container is at all times. Our Platform allows you to easily monitor the capacity of your container from anywhere, providing detailed analytics to help your business or organisation track your waste. Having complete visibility of your container can help to reduce the costs that come with overfilling a waste receptacle. This data can also help reduce fuel emissions by optimising waste pickup schedules.

Streamlined Waste Pickups

Operating all over Australia, SCS Group is an innovative company providing eco-friendly waste technology for various sectors. Our solar-powered trash compactor – can hold up to eight times more garbage compared to non-compacting bins, reducing collection frequency up to 80 percent. The ultrasonic fill-level sensor helps companies increase collection efficiency by up to 50 percent.

Other Smart Waste technologies from SCS Group includes an integrated fleet management tracker and a cloud platform that combines waste container monitoring, route optimisation, data analytics and fill-level forecasting.

Smart Waste Technology System

SCS Group provides image-based waste container sensors that automatically monitor fullness and contents. On top of that, the device features GPS tracking to help optimise driver routes and fuel efficiency along with tilt monitoring, which records when a container gets picked up and put down.

This smart waste technology system allows us to manage container inventory, build better routes and even accept orders through automated text messages. And for front-load vehicles, the software automatically determines which containers need service each day, then schedules routes and evenly distributes jobs to drivers.

Recycle Electronic Kiosks

This smart waste collection system is a convenient option for managing e-waste, helping divert millions of smartphones and tablets from landfills. Simply bring your old devices to the kiosk nearest you and your device will be properly recycled or refurbished for resale.

Waste Smarter

This smart waste bin tells you which items should be composted, trashed or recycled at your organisation. As objects are tossed into the bin, a scale system detects the change in weight and triggers a customisable message that slides, scrolls or pops onto the screen. The content can be modified to show items that are typically tossed at your specific venue. This smart waste system offers a dynamic, educational experience designed to reward users for responsible waste disposal.

Let Your Trash Sort Itself

SCS Group provides smart waste containers that automatically recognises, sorts and compresses waste using a camera, sensors and artificial intelligence. Once the device identifies the material, shape and colour of the waste, it is distributed into the appropriate bin within the container – plastics, paper or glass. After that, the waste is compressed so the total volume can be up to five times less. Once full, this self-sorting waste bin automatically notifies your trash collection company. This allows for collection routes to be optimised for improved fuel efficiency.

Not only does SCS Group solve the problem of improper waste sorting, but it also tracks and sends data about the collected waste to an integrated cloud. Your business can then use this information to identify consumer consumption patterns and determine more eco-friendly product options.


NABERS (which stands for the National Australian Built Environment Rating System) provides simple, reliable and comparable sustainability measurement you can trust across building sectors like hotels, shopping centres, apartments, offices, data centres and more.

At NABERS, we know that environmentally friendly buildings are not only better for the planet, but they also make happier and healthier spaces that we can all thrive in.

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How we manage waste has a massive impact

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