Mining Cleaning Services & Property Solutions

Smart cleaning and property solutions, purpose built and designed around you.



SCS Group has many years of experience in servicing bluechip companies within the Mining & Resources Sector. Our team are forward-thinking and through a smart, complete cleaning solutions approach to our clients’ operation introduce new ways of thinking and operating, often supporting with efficiency saving ideas.

SCS Group offer intergrated mining solutions, so our clients can focus on their core functions. Are you interested in our integrated mining solutions? Get in touch.



We provide a full suite of cleaning ancillary services across all sectors, utilising highly skilled and specialist cleaning operators.

Waste Services

Our comprehensive, fit-for-purpose waste solutions assist our clients in minimising land fill across varying mining and resources, supporting on-site operations.

Hygiene Services

We deliver a full suite of hygiene and sanitary services, including Sanitary bins, Urinal Hygiene, Sharps and Nappy Disposal bins and Restroom hygiene. Our dedicated service is tailored to meet your individual property needs.

Pest Control

Our pest control services provide a three-phase approach

  • Assess the problem
  • Apply the treatment suitable to the determined issue
  • Follow-up service to ensure effectiveness of services has been achieved

Grounds Maintenance

We specialise in improving the landscape of our clients’ facilities. Our approach ensures we deliver consistent, reliable landscape solutions no matter how complex the property.


Our mining and resources industry professionals have decades of experience in delivering property solutions to this market segment.  At SCS Group we provide a multidisciplinary workforce that provides a bespoke solution from access control, emergency response to health and medical services.  Consultancy is also available to ensure you are receiving the correct risk overlay for you site and operations.

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Integrated solutions that deliver added value ad cost effective solutions