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By working with some of the best known and most highly respected organisations in the corporate world, we have developed a service model that can truly represent your business needs. Commercial cleaning and property services and solutions are an essential step in keeping your professional space clean, safe and presentable for employees, stakeholders and potential business partners. Regardless of whether your business has a single office, or is part of a multinational organisation, or whether you are on a lookout for a single service or a fully integrated solution, we can help you.

Our commercial cleaning services and solutions range from waste services to pest control, and more. Explore our full range of commercial cleaning and property solutions below, or get in touch with SCS Group for more information.



We provide a full suite of cleaning ancillary services across all sectors, utilising highly skilled and specialist cleaning operators.

Waste Services

Our comprehensive, fit-for-purpose waste solutions assist our clients in minimising landfill across varying corporate and commercial facilities.

Hygiene Services

We deliver a full suite of hygiene and sanitary services, including Sanitary bins, Urinal Hygiene, Sharps and Nappy Disposal bins and Restroom hygiene. Our dedicated service is tailored to meet your individual property needs.

Pest Control

Our pest control services provide a three-phase approach

  • Assess the problem
  • Apply the treatment suitable to the determined issue
  • Follow-up service to ensure effectiveness of services has been achieved

Grounds Maintenance

We specialise in improving the landscape of our clients’ facilities. Our approach ensures we deliver consistent, reliable landscape solutions no matter how complex the property.


By combining our experience in protecting high profile organisations across the country, with intelligence and management of risk, we provide customer service-centric teams who support and embrace your culture and deliver great staff and visitor experiences.

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Integrated solutions that deliver added value ad cost effective solutions