Indigenous Partner

Dundee Rock is a 100% Aboriginal owned business based in Darwin. Dundee Rock was founded over 15 years ago by Thomas Hutcheson, who has spent many years providing renovation and refurbishment services to remote communities and towns in the Northern Territory. Thomas is passionate and committed to providing opportunities in employment and training for local indigenous people, particularly the younger generation. He is dedicated to improving the economic outcomes of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and is proud to have a successful business which allows him to be able to offer such opportunities.

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Our Collaboration

Indigenous Recognition

Dundee Rock, coupled with SCS Group in partnership, acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we work and live.

We pay our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders, both past and present, and celebrate their cultural contribution to society.

Our Partnership with Dundee Rock is built on the foundations of TRUST, RESPECT & COLLABORATION

Dundee Rock founder Thomas Hutcheson’s proud Aboriginal family originated from the Wakka Wakka and Kabbi Kabbi clans. Tom’s great-great-grandmother Mamie Willoughby aka “Mimi Dawson” was born in Eidsvold which is located south-west of Bundaberg (Wakka Wakka).

Matilda Dawson “Tilly Willoughby Collins” (Tom’s great-grandmother), known to Tom as Granny Tilly Collins, was born in 1891 on Widgee Station (Kabbi Kabbi).

“My grandmother Elsie Willieboy aka Lewis was born in Nanango, her date of birth is unknown (Wakka Wakka and Kabbi Kabbi). My mother, Kathleen Willieboy is known as Kathy or Kate Hutcheson was part of the stolen generation and was born in 1933 in Barambah Mission Reserve, which was later renamed Cherbourg Mission.” Tom Hutcheson


Indigenous Employment Focus

Our Dundee Rock – SCS Group Partnership is passionate about and focuses on training and mentoring Indigenous people to achieve meaningful and sustainable careers. We seek to improve the opportunities and economic outcomes available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People through relevant training and development in the communities in which we operate, thereby leading to employment, social and cultural outcomes.

a blend of cultures


Our partnership with Dundee Rock hedges on a focus of supporting, training and developing Indigenous Australians into the workforce and learning the skills and requirements of a multi service-based business.

indigenous jobs

Breaking down the Barriers

Our partnership with Dundee Rock allows us to provide opportunities for our indigenous family to experience and work within corporate Australia. The skills, knowledge and confidence we see grow with our people put a smile on our face

Our Service Solution


CLEANING – Full end to end solution to any cleaning needs

SECURITY – We have the solution to keep you safe

ASBESTOS – Asbestos remediation – Waste remediation – Material recovery services – Land cleaning – remediation – Housing remediation works – Industrial remediation works

DEMOLITION – Industrial demolition – Housing demolition – Civil excavation demolition

BUILDING RENOVATIONS AND MAINTENANCE – Commercial and residential buildings – New buildings in metropolitan and remote areas

CIVIL WORKS – Traffic control – Pipe lane excavation- Concrete causeways – Commercial and industrial cleaning

ELECTRICAL – Commercial installation, maintenance and repairs – Hazardous areas installation, maintenance and repairs – Electrical system design and installation consultation

hand in hand

Our Collaborative Approach

Determined collaboration around a compelling purpose ignites possibilities, Our methodology behind our reconciliation action plan is through a unified and collaborative approach we as many produce outcomes far beyond the reach of a few.

we are in this together

We believe that reconciliation and closing the gap is critically important

An inclusive workforce that reflects contemporary Australia is critical to delivering performance and positive outcomes for our clients and their communities. We consider educational and employment opportunities crucial to building strong and independent communities.

To fulfil our vision of closing the current gap between the experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians, we contribute to reconciliation through our work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, communities and organisations.