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We show up every day motivated to make a difference in people’s lives and our world through our talents, passion, and hard work. Whether you are an aspiring facilities manager, customer service personnel, a cleaner or just passionate about property services, if you care about what you do, we would love to hear from you.

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An open and inclusive work environment

We are extremely proud of our open and inclusive culture. As a family-owned business, we are deeply committed to creating relationships with our people that are enduring, supportive, and stimulating. When the chips are down in your personal life, we want to support you. When you have big wins within the company, we want to celebrate with you. We want all of our employees to feel protected and appreciated in their jobs!


Attract the Best Talent

Our talented people make SCS Group what it is. The business continues to strengthen our ability to attract the best talent by creating a workplace destination and environment where people, culture, ideas, performance, and business thrive to produce amazing outcomes.


Employee Benefits

Our employees benefit from continuous training throughout their professional journeys to enhance their skills and facilitate their career development. We pride ourselves on creating a supportive workplace culture that is safe, rewarding and inspiring.



We believe great achievements deserve great benefits and transparent rewards. It is part of our culture to invest in you, recognise your contributions, and ensure you benefit from our collaborative journey towards success.

Lifestyle Benefits

We are committed to providing a platform where you can realise your potential and build your career while enjoying a work-life balance that empowers your health and wellbeing.

We endeavour to offer everyone a rewarding career

Our aim is to offer our people the benefits, but also the support, resources and tools they need to grow and perform.