100% Australian Owned Commercial Cleaning Company

As a Commercial Cleaning and Property Services Provider, we are committed to creating a culture based on family values through positive relationships, respect and providing a motivating and supportive work environment for our people, customers and corporate alliance partners.


Promoting inclusive and sustainable growth through Local Economic Development

Hands up NOT out underpins our Local Economic Development Programs approach to contributing to the local development of the communities and regions where we operate. Going above and beyond our contractual obligations because its the right thing to do, we ensure that our business creates value and opportunities by supporting local businesses, employing local people and investing in our employee’s development and aligning all of this with our clients principles.


A family spirit underpinned by an " all hands on deck" unwavering long-term vision.

We are a family group focused on the future, united by a positive, sustainable long-term vision of our company’s role in society; a vibrant, virtuous, passionate group imbued with a powerful ideal of addressing and navigating change, driven by our commitments and our calling to keep our society safe and secure.



We support local businesses by providing opportunities for small, medium, microbusinesses, social enterprises and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, by procuring goods and services locally, while complying with procurement legislation and recognition of modern slavery risks.


We encourage our employees and partners to draw upon their skills and expertise to maximise support for local initiatives, through active participation in community and charitable activities.


Promoting the growth and engagement of our employees is our top priority.  We nurture an inclusive and diverse workforce, uphold labor and human rights laws, their safety, and secure work environment in every engagement is always guaranteed, We make sure that our employees are fairly compensated by maintaining wage compliance. As part of our commitment, we employ colleagues from the local community first.

We Are Your Eyes and Ears, Australia Wide

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Australian Jobs

A core principle of our employment policy is to employ local people for local jobs and you can find cleaners in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and more. This business practice is one that we have always believed to be extremely important to, not only our business but the wellbeing of our community; helping the local community to develop and prosper, both socially and economically.

Australian Investment

We place a great level of importance on our staff, they are our ambassadors and as a result, we feel that it is important to invest in them, not only to ensure they deliver the best possible service but also to realise their potential and to help them grow in the best possible way.

We believe that is our true investment, the provision of training, safety and wellbeing programs and maintaining wage compliance by fairly compensating our employees.

Australian Families

We are a family, and true believers in making sure our employees feel included, supported and encouraged no matter what position they’re in.

Inclusive Family Culture

We take pride in putting our people of utmost importance by taking care of them. Creating an impact in our community and our planet. One of our virtue is to help Australians live and work in safe and secure environments. In all that we do, we incorporate diverse and inclusive perspectives.