Staff Wellness Program

Happy, motivated people are key to the success of our business, so we do everything we can to make working here rewarding.


We strive to offer the kind of rewards, benefits and perks that you would expect from an exemplary employer that takes good care of its people. We are committed to a culture of wellness, and providing employees with the tools necessary to make informed decisions about health and wellbeing.



A Healthier, Happier Workforce

Our wellness program covers physical and mental wellbeing, from gym memberships and classes to at-home workouts, healthy eating, and meditation and sleep assistance.


Recognising and Rewarding Success

We are proud to offer our people with a purposeful and flexible benefits program through a unified platform that enhances every stage of the employee experience at SCS Group.

Accessible anywhere, anytime.

Our platform holds a dedicated recognition hub which allows employees to access their awards from any device.  Available through browsers or the mobile app, employees can easily access the range of rewards wherever they are.

Added value outside the workplace

Employee Wellbeing – Access to gym discounts, free online classes, healthy eating, meditation and mental wellbeing support.

Perks & Rewards – Receive rewards from major retailers ranging from groceries, petrol, family holidays, shopping, entertainment, dining and takeaways, ensuring there is something to suit everyone.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition & Communication – Our employee recognition program lets everyone send shout-outs, celebrate milestones, encouraging a true culture of recognition and ensuring no one feels left out.