Local Community Partnerships Supports

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life and enhancing the communities in which we operate

We are an active part of the communities we operate in

Through community partnerships, we engage our employees, fulfill our social responsibilities, and empower our local and regional communities. We are committed to behaving ethically and contribute to economic development whilst improving the quality of life of our local community, our workforce and their families.

We are proud to support the following organisations.

Second Bite

In 2019 alone, Second Bite rescued over 19.4 million kilograms of food throughout Australia. That’s enough to provide more than 38 million healthy meals a year, or more than 100,000 meals each day.

The Second Bite initiative is essential to the livelihood of disadvantaged Australians, with over 4 million experiencing food insecurity each year.

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Melbourne Legacy

Legacy provides support to families suffering after the injury or death of a spouse or parent, during or after serving time within the Defence Force.

They currently care for 48,000 beneficiaries, including 1,800 children and disabled dependants throughout Australia.

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Monash Womens

Monash Womens’ Maternity Service is the largest maternity provider in Victoria.

SCS Group supports the initiative, which provides care to over 9,000 women of varying health conditions and complexities each year across the Monash Medical Centre, Dandenong and Casey Hospital facilities.

Situated on site, they facilitate tertiary level maternity care with pregnancy assessment and fetal diagnostic units, adult and neonatal intensive care.

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Save the Children Australia

Save the Children are on the frontline. They deliver life-saving support and development programs all over the world, ensuring children can be children, no matter what.


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We are committed to making supplier diversity a right of way. We believe that the success of our organisation and the wider community depends on our ability to do business with diverse suppliers. This is why we are dedicated to helping and supporting the growth of Indigenous businesses to increase representation in our supply chain and promoting their products to our customers. This, in turn, helps our customers contribute to sustainable and meaningful change within the Indigenous community that goes beyond financial contributions and fulfils important social responsibility requirements and social change goals.

Support Wirrpanda Supplies