Our Smart Connect system shows our clients what’s going on in real-time, so we can fix any occasional small issues before they become major problems.

Innovation That Matters

Our proprietary Smart Connect system allows us to track, monitor and report in real-time. By confirming identity, location, timing and task completion, Smart Connect gives us an unprecedented level of control and immediate notice if a service is not on track.


Attendance Verification

Service personnel identify themselves using their smartphone. Special GPS Geofence recognition technology is used to verify that this is the authorised personnel, in the right place at the right time.

Time and Attendance Management in Real-Time

Our time and attendance software solution confirm our employees are on-site and on time. We have constant communication and up to date alerts and notifications so we can address attendance issues like tardiness or absenteeism immediately to ensure we cover all shifts and job sites according to our customer contracts. We manage attendance, set travel-time parameters and clock in/out tolerances, so you don’t have to ever miss out on what you pay for!

We provide this information transparently via our secure customer portal.


Digital Contract and Site Information

Online Binders (folders) brings together all the information that is relevant to your Sites. This includes specifications, contracts, SDS’s etc. all available for download whenever you require.

Everything at your fingertips

Powerful, integrated reporting using interactive data visualisations and business intelligence capabilities to enable better business decisions.


Accounting information

All of your accounting profile is available at the click of a button all live and available on demand.


As a fully integrated part of the Smart Connect solution clients can view the status of their account in real-time. Aged Debtors can be viewed for all outstanding invoices. Invoices can be downloaded at any time.


Are your suppliers staff verified?

Do you know who has access to your site?

Smart Connect creates a full electronic log of all workers who visit your site, including their qualifications and inductions. It is accessible in real-time from the web and allows you to keep your sites and your staff safe.

Employee Dashboard

We give our clients access to important information about the employees who access their sites. Police checks, Licences, Qualifications, Working with Children, training records and certifications such as site induction training. You have access to all this information online via our Smart Connect Portal.


Transparent Communication

Digital Service Requests

Our Smart Connect Customer Portal enables us to provide all of our customers with highly personalised, interactive digital service on the Web. Our customers will be able to receive answers to their questions, complete transactions, submit support issues and lodge service requests instantly with full audit trails available for every request.

Bintracker – a new, affordable, and easy-to-use solution

Bintracker is an IoT software solution that tracks the source, volume, and composition of waste streams through scanning technology. With this data, it allows us to help our clients improve their recycling and waste habits; ensure we are only paying for what we need (and nothing more) with Bintracker’s QR code and data-based system. Bringing accountability and transparency to our waste management system, Bintracker gives us control over our business’ and clients’ sustainability goals, all in one comprehensive, simple, and flexible system.